Our Services

Public Relations
CIMGBJ provides innovative and comprehensive public relations services to clients in brand strategy, crisis communications, public opinion monitoring, event management, public affairs, relationship coordination, and brand image management. CIMGBJ also has an excellent reputation in both traditional and new digital media channels, reaching targeted audiences. Connecting with mainstream media channels globally, CIMGBJ maximizes the media coverage rate for brands and events. For example, the media coverage has spread across the entire U.S. for our largest tourism client, Ministry of Culture and Tourism of The People’s Republic of China. Through target market identification, media research, news content creation, media monitoring and analysis, our approach has targeted audiences positively, and has led to more than 300 million media impressions.

Brand Marketing
By aligning clients’ target customers and business objectives, CIMGBJ helps clients develop their brand marketing strategy through brand positioning, brand creativity and promotion, market research, brand launches, sponsorship and strategic collaboration, which all help keep the client’s cultural relevancy and brand consistency in consumers’ minds.  Through customized event planning and strategic cooperation on international platforms, CIMGBJ helps clients stand out from competitive markets while improving their reputation, publicity and brand value.

Event Planning and Management
CIMGBJ has extensive experience in large-scale event planning and management, including trade show exhibitions, brand launches, press conferences, charity events, short-term training, community outreach, promotional activities, lectures, ceremonies, and large cultural exchange activities in China, the United States and other countries.

Media Marketing
CIMGBJ effectively plans and integrates marketing solutions with different advertising channels, including print and digital marketing, billboard advertising, TV episodes, mobile multimedia, all as a way of promoting products and brands to target customers.